Minor Blog Name Change

In trying to continue to clean up some names, I will be moving my blog from https://jmarkhowell.wordpress.com over to http://johnmarkhowell.com (my full name).  The old blog will hang around for a while but new postings will be on the new site.  All old posts were imported into the new site so you don’t have to go back and forth to search for older postings.

Happy Coding and see you on the other side!

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Finally IIF is coming to T-SQL!

After a long wait and many, many requests, the IIF function is finally coming to SQL Server 2012! If you aren’t familar with this function but yet you do use CASE statements, you’re going to love the IIF function.  Check out the MSDN entry and see!


Happy Coding!!

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Nice & Quick SQL Index Perf Intro

Ron Johnson did a very nice and very concise introduction to index performance and analysis that is very worth your time.  It is only an introduction but could still help someone out there fighting an index performance problem.

If you’re not a member of SQLServerCentral.com, it’s quick, easy and free to sign up so don’t let that deter you from reading the article!

Happy Coding!

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SCVMM 2012 is changing the game!

There are some major upgrades coming to System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012.  Paul did a good summary write up here.  Hyper-V 2012 is also going to get some major improvements that will put it far ahead of VMWare.  Check out Sean’s write up here.  Things are really changing in the VM world!

Happy (Virtual) Coding!

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SkyDrive Preview for Windows

The preview of the SkyDrive tool for Windows is now available!  Much easier to work with.  Finally!

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Microsoft Surface Announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just announced!  Microsoft Surface Tablet. 16:9, 1.5 lbs., magnesium case, 9.3 mm thick, beveled edges, full sized USB 2.0 port, Win8, works for all games in the new Windows Store, built in stand, display is 10.3 inches, Corning Gorilla Glass 2.0, cover is 3 mm with magnetic edge for attaching, THE COVER GOES FULL MULTICOVER KEYBOARD!

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Yet another nice new feature in .Net 4.5 (beta)

How many times have you written Trace code and used MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod() or the Exception.TargetSite or the StackTrace in that code to get the method name or better yet, tried to get the line number.  Well, they’ve made that much easier in .Net 4.5.  Here is a snippet that shows how easy it is (or will be once it’s released):

public void CallMyMethod()
	TraceMessage("This is the trace message I want to see.");
public void TraceMessage(string message,
			[CallerMemberName] string memberName = "",
			[CallerFilePath] string sourceFilePath = "",
			[CallerLineNumber] int sourceLineNumber = 0)
	Trace.WriteLine("message: " + message);
	Trace.WriteLine("member name: " + memberName);
	Trace.WriteLine("source file path: " + sourceFilePath);
	Trace.WriteLine("source line number: " + sourceLineNumber);

Very soon, it will be a breeze!

Happy Coding!

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